Interactive Dog Toys For When Home Alone

GoMaomi Interactive Dog and Cat Puzzle Toy $27 Bring out the inner genius of your dog (or cat) with this interactive feeding toy, which simultaneously slows your pets feeding time (to prevent chokes or excess weight gain) and mentally stimulates them. PetGeek Autoplaybone contains two squeaky balls your dog will do anything to free. PetGeek Automatic Playbone will entertain your dog for an entire afternoon. This puzzle cube playhouse has unique shapes, holes, and entry points to engage your dog until they achieve their goal to release the balls.
The babble ball comes with a customizable opening where treats fall when your dog shakes or rocks the toy. The Orbee Tuff Snoop Ball ROLLS nicely, and it encourages your dog to smell treats held within the ball. It is interactive too, and it keeps dogs distracted all day long, as you fill it up with treats and kibble.

The Hyper Pet Doggie Tail is one of the easiest DIY interactive toys out there, but it is a good way to keep dogs engaged for a little while. Starmark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy Not only does this interactive feeding dog toy keep your pup entertained and engaged, it helps give him some physical activity when you are not around to walk him. Kong Wobbler Toy $19.99 The Kong Wobbler, OGs interactive chew toy, keeps dogs moving while providing action-packed, treat-filled stimulation.
When it comes to dog toys that will keep them engaged and coming back for more, Buddy Tug-A-Jug cleverly implements multisensory functionality for your dogs, featuring a tug-and-pull mechanism that is introduced into the interactive treat dispenser. Treat-dispensing dog toys reward dogs for solving puzzles and keeping them mentally and physically active when you are not around. If you give a dog a toy that uses treats as motivation, they both will love being left alone to munch on these treats, and they will no longer constantly come to you asking for treats and crumbs.

Each of these genius toys has a way of dispensing treats, though they are not that easy for your dog to get. Others are designed to be filled with treats, which the toys then sporadically dispense at random times while your dog is playing.
At its most basic, this includes things like KONG toys, Snuffle Mats, and products of the sort, all of which make your dog work in order to retrieve a delicious treat that is in there. You can also place special treats like dog food kibble, chunks of fruit, dog cookies, peanut butter, chunks of cheese, carrot sticks, and many others, inside PetGeek automatic play bones.
The classic KONG Toy is made of natural red rubber and can be filled with kongs Easy Treats or other yummy snacks such as dog-safe peanut butter and kibble. Part slow feeder, part puzzle, and part bouncer, the supple materials provide hours of fun for your dog.

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