How To.Make Interactive Dog Toys

With some simple supplies — some that might just end up in a recycle bin — some time and patience, and a few excellent tutorials and inspiration, you can create your own interactive toys for dogs. You can buy enrichment toys for dogs, or make them yourself using things like muffin tins, balls, and dog food, as laid out below. Before choosing a dog enrichment toy, a dog toy with treats, or making your own, be sure whatever toy you choose is appropriate for your pup. You can always ask your vet or a dog trainer for recommendations on toys to make and purchase, too.

Interactive DIY dog toys Treat dispensers, as well as puzzle toys for dogs, are great ways to give them some mental challenge. There are tons of amazing puzzle toys and treat dispense toys out there designed to engage and entertain your dogs mind. Food toys are a good way to keep a dogs mind engaged, and using one around mealtimes is a great way to keep a dogs mind engaged. Dog puzzles (and food-dispensing toys, in general) are a good way to provide some additional mental stimulation for your dog.
There are lots of fun cognitive training games that can be played, but toys also can provide some challenging challenges for a dogs brain. You can create a treat-enrichment puzzle that keeps your pup guessing using some scraps of fabric, an old childrens toy, the Hol-EE Roller Ball, and a bag of dog treats. Create a simple DIY puzzle toy that will keep your dogs entertained for hours by adding some tennis balls to a pie baking tray. Place some small dog treats or dog food in the holes in the toy, and watch as your pup takes on the task.
Simply put treats into a can, hide it underneath a tennis ball, and let your pup do his or her doggie magic. To create this dog toy, just cut up an empty marble, tennis ball, or used plastic water bottle, then put treats inside. To build, simply take the dog treat of your choice, fold in the edges of an empty toilet paper roll to wrap around the treat, and let the dogs smell their reward. All you have to do to create the Simple One is place one treat into each muffin cup, add one tennis ball to top each treat, place the tray on the floor, and allow your fur babies to claw and bite until they are freeing all of these delicious treats and interesting-looking balls from their prison.
Your dog will enjoy exercising their tongues in this yummy treat ball, which you can make using a repurposed tug-a-while, a little peanut butter, and a handful of ground up dog treats. If your dog loves chewing up water bottles for their crunchy sounds, you can make them fun and creative with this easy project. Simple is best with smaller dogs, since larger ones would definitely do this in very short order, but for stimulating the tiny dogs brain, it is fantastic.

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